Project Profiles


Lucky Tails Animal Rescue was started by Claire (13) this June.

She has been exceptionally busy since the inception of her plan.  She has two potential foster families starting in September and she is waiting to hear from another contact who needs to get approval from their landlord.

In the mean time she has put flyers all over town trying to attract foster families.  She can not rescue any dogs until she has a reliable network in place.

She has a new website.  She has filed for 501c not for profit status and has been offered vet services at cost.  She has contacted many dog food companies and crate manufacturers trying to get inexpensive (reject) dog crates.

She has found an animal shelter in Hartford who is willing to give her dogs.  Everyday she pours over the shelter website and dreams of giving these dogs a home.  It is very sad to know each dog has only 10 days to be rescued before it is euthanized.  Each dog has an adoptable date and some of their stories are so sad. 

Knowing the fate of these dogs gives Claire urgency in her work.
She has always loved dogs and it will give her great personal satisfaction if she can save the lives of some of these kindred spirits.

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