The Huckleberry Hill Project was founded on the principal that an ideal learning environment is one in which children can pursue a self-selected project with the support and guidance of adults in the community and in professional areas of interest.  

Provide an environment most likely to nurture the individual passions of children and to facilitate the expression of their passions through meaningful projects that benefit our communities and environment in a meaningful way.

Utilize the gifts of community, and in particular the parent body and community at large to assist in the development, implementation and sharing of the children's projects.

To provided classes and the skills necessary to remove obstacles children encounter as they work on their projects.

To expose the children to role models in successful business creation, invention, self expression and to benefit from their experience.

To help children create a dynamic network that supports their project and allows children to interact and share their project to the world at large.

To promote the concept that everything and everyone is interdependent and that every effort for good helps humanity.

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