Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Last night we had a meeting at Starbucks with some of the families involved in the project.  We have made good progress in nailing down our plans, dates and logistics.  It is all coming together and we are all very excited.  We started a Minigroup hub to post documentaries, files and keep everyone abreast of all the preparations.

We start the project October 2nd.  Of course some of our children are already underway on their projects.

On the right is a picture of one of the chicken tractors.  It is truly a special place.

If you have any suggestions about great documentaries to watch about nutrition, sustainable farming, Type II Diabetes or empowered local communities getting healthy, please leave us a link in the comments.

I am going to be posting to this site, documenting our progress and profiling some of the children's projects.  We will have some guest contributors, impressions from the parents and much more.  Come and visit us once in a while and please give us your feedback!

Right now we are pondering how to set up the most eco-friendly workspace and the nature a respectful, caring, creative and productive little community.  It is really fun to work out the details.  For example, what pattern shall the children use to make their own personal mess kit? This one!

It is ALL good!

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